NuLeaf Landscaping
815 Mealy Drive Leeper, PA 16233
Phone: Office: 814-744-9900 Mobile: 814-227-8305

Basic Customized Lawn Program - $5.00/1000 sq ft (min $45.00)

  • A four tier fertilization program applied periodically from early spring to fall. 
  • A three tier weed application program for spring, summer and fall.
  • A single summer insect and landscaping pest control application.

Additional Lawn Care Services

  • Lawn Aeration to alleviate soil compaction and provide proper nutrient and moisture    distribution. - $10.00/1000 sq ft (min $90.00)
  • Liming to maintain proper lawn pH. - $5.50/1000 sq ft (min $49.50)
  • Grub Control to minimize damage to turf, shrubs, and trees. - $5.50/1000 sq ft (min       $49.50)
  • Perimeter Insect Control to keep unwanted pests around buildings in check. - $50.00
  • Landscape and Flower Bed Pre-emergence in the early spring to prevent most weeds from germinating. - Contact us for an estimate

 Other Available Services - Cost of materials + $30.00/man hour

  • Trimming of small trees (<15'), shrubs, and bushes.
  • Landscape maintenance - weeding, bed cleanup, edging, mulching, and trimming.
  • Over seeding - dethatching of area, seeding, fertilization, liming, and mulching.
  • Landscape installation -  full design and installation to suit the customer's desires.

Quality lawn care services at affordable prices.

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